Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Expectation - The act of Expecting; With Eager Anticipation...eyes shining and all

At my friend's bridal shower in July when the Mothers/married women gave their 2 cents and words of advice one thing stuck w me and that is the negative effect of taking so many expectations into your marriage, relationship, anything. I'll speak for myself when I say that I already have an image of my wedding, my husband and my marriage. Oh I can't see all the ups and downs, who wants to picture the negative aspects? But I know how I want my husband to be. I want him to bring me roses on Wednesdays, I want to wear his Tshirt after our wedding night, I want him to show me off to his friends, I want him to captivate me with his eyes as I walk down the aisle to this *okay you get the point*

The problem with these images forward slash pictures is if/when these do not happen I will be disappointed and possibly a tad bit annoyed. I have formed these images in my mind without taking into consideration that this guy is not in my mind so he does not know how I'd like things to be done. Oh he might have an idea of what I want and the things that make me smile, but he won't do things just as I'd imagined.

Same thing applies to boyfriends. I usually tell my friends not to get too upset because of what he did or did not do. Especially if he has a 'jerk' history *cue this -- I jest!* Or if he is just runzing/chiking you. Don't expect him to call you everyday, or say the things you want to hear. It's kind of like when you are already down, the only place to go is up. So when you have no expectations of someone whose actions you cannot control you do not set yourself up for disappointment. On the other hand you are easily surprised and excited at the littlest thing they may do.

Well I got into this rant because the school year just started and I have an apartment on campus with my own room and all which is nice. On the flip side, my flat mates are not as nice as I'd pictured, not even nearly. The most snubbish one got into a fight w her bf yesterday and now they are having a kiss and make-up session. No, I am not against PDA, far from, but when we are not friends and you bring your business to the space that we all share, knowing all the while that it is disturbing me/filtering into my own space, then I have a problem. It's unfortunate because I had always pictured college roommates as your girlies. Shop together, have movie nights and maybe stay up and gossip (I know, I am a dreamer). Yet we are not even acquaintances, we are just strangers living together. C'est la vie

On to better and brighter things. This song has been stuck in my head since Tuesday!! Like I have it on repeat, which means I am going to tire of it soon :(
Once again forgive my long absence. Back to school preparations + the workload from 3 weeks of Sophomore year really got to me. Usually I am so passionate about a topic that I insist on blogging about it, but by the time I get to my laptop something distracts me, or I have already talked it over w someone else, or you get the gist. :)
But I hope you are all having a blessed month and enjoying the last views of Summer Sun before winter visits...boooo to that!

xxx's and Jesus loves you! :D