Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Living, Laughing, Loving

So I'm not even going to get into a whole apology, because I will probably disappear again.
Sophomore year is very much underway and aLot has happened.

-- We started a Bible study on my campus. It's been rough, VERY rough but God is faithful and He will never abandon His business. Some days I want to throw in the towel but I am growing and learning everyday :)

-- 1st batch of midterms and all are over. I'm doing much better this semester. Don't want to say much about that before I jinx everything else, lol

-- The fam should be in town for Christmas. YAY! Been contacting agents and such but I am sooo excited! This is the longest I have gone without seeing my younger sisters. And the thought of a white Christmas just got a whole lot better knowing my favorite people will be around!

-- I have a semi crush on this guy. I haven't had a crush in a while actually. But no, it's nothing serious...especially as he is already taken..Yarr!

-- I tweet!! *hangs head in shame* Yes, I was THE greatest twitter basher and I fought it so hard. Even in the beginning after I joined I was ready to leave but I stuck around a little bit and now I actually like it! I'm not yet an addict sha, but with the help of UberTwitter Imma be there sooner than you know it. *sighh

-- In a week I am officially the birthday girl! Don't you love new beginnings? And cards? And presents? And just love in general from everyone? Well I do! If nothing else for the Ice cream, and Chocolate cakes I'm ordering! Oops! Can't forget Red Velvet cupcakes! Cool your temper sha, they're not all for me. I'm having a mini 'ges-togerra' so that should be fun. Maybe dinner and a night of karaoke over the if only I can find good karaoke places in the city, that would be grand!

-- I finally got my uggs. I'm sorry...but I'm still excited. Especially as this is the most money I've ever spent on myself. Please why are they so expensive? As in yahh they're comfy and all but still...Anyway! Love them!

-- A bunch of my friends just started Uni. Thank God for the end of the A-levels era...and they're loving it! So I'm grateful for that!

-- I'm trying to be a better worshipper...after all we were created to worship, n'est pas? I'm also trying to learn a lot on love. And also trying to actually implement it! BUT I am trying to devote less time to my friends. Not in a mean way, but I have a lot of self discovery to do. So less time on my phone, blogger (lol), BBM (that evil thing!), facebook (next generation Hi5) and you get the point sha. I need to figure myself out before I can solve the problems of the rest of the World! Plus sometimes being friend of the masses gets tiring. I know where I want to be at 26...and I won't get there by wasting my time! *like I've been doing in the library for the past 2 hours...pretending to study :(*

-- I've accepted that nothing good ever comes out of judging others. CB put this video up and it made me Aaaww...HARD! iMean, at the end of the day, he is a human being. He is good at what he does...and Jesus loves him the same way he loves me. So shout out to all the #ChrisBrownStans! hehe!

-- I've realised that believing in people can sometimes cause a bit too much heartache than is necessary. I am a work in progress. As a result, I am still learning this, "Don't let someone else's fear or sadness or death or departure become yours." 'The Earth is for the Living' - Thomas Jefferson
I let people get to me too much. Then I hold it in. I don't tell them (most times they are no longer around for me to tell...or I am afraid to risk whatever the outcome may be by telling them, so I hold it all in. But I'm going to start by telling God, over and over again until the Holy Spirit tells me what to do. Baby steps y'all, baby steps! :D

Okay, 9.30am class tomorrow! Ugh! Lemme stop fooling myself, time to leave the library.
Hope you've all been alive and well?

xxx's and Jesus loves you!